International Animal Rights Conference 2015 supports Sven and Natasha!

iarc2015_reportThis year’s International Animal Rights Conference took place in Luxembourg between 10th-13th September 2015.

There was a full programme of inspiring presentations, workshops and films and plenty of opportunities for international activists to network and build alliances.

On Friday evening there was a presentation about “Learning from SHAC”, which analysed and critically reflected on the history, tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. The presentation discussed Sven and Natasha’s case and the ongoing support work being done for them.

During the Saturday morning meeting there was an announcement about Sven and Natasha’s case and almost 150 attendees gathered together on the stage to take a support photo and show that they stand with Sven and Natasha. Incredible! This photo means a lot to Sven and Natasha and they were very moved to see so many people joining together in a show of solidarity – especially as they were unable to travel to the conference themselves due to the restrictions currently placed on them. Thank you so much to everyone who took part.

The weekend sparked a lot of conversations about solidarity work and building resilience and it was great to see so many people passionate to work together in creating resistance to repression.

We look forward to working with you on support projects over the coming months – info tours, solidarity actions and more. Keep in touch!