New solidarity statement: ABC Malmö

solidarity-statement-abcmalmoABC Malmö fully supports Sven and Natasha! The incredible achievements in challenging Huntingdon Life Sciences’ animal exploitation inspires people all around the world to keep resisting all forms of oppression.

Sven and Natasha’s case is important not only to people in the animal liberation movement, but to all people involved in political movements fighting injustice. Increasing state repression directed at social movements is a process where the risk of normalisation is fairly high. Therefore it’s extremely important that we raise awareness of cases such as the one against Sven and Natasha.

ABC Malmö wants to be part of an international awareness raising movement, that keeps pointing out all the nasty ways that the state is trying to break down the struggle for justice and freedom, not only for human animals but for all animals. None are free until all are free!

The level of repression used against Sven and Natasha shows that popular resistance against animal oppressing institutions, companies and the state that assists them, is considered truly effective – and therefore potentially devastating for the capitalist system that is built upon exploitation of all forms of beings.

Let’s consider the repression a proof of our efficiency. Let’s turn repression into something strengthening rather than something weakening. When we stand together and practise solidarity, we’re always going to win. Solidarity is all we have – Let’s use it!

Solidarity, Respect and Love from Sweden.