New solidarity statement: Anti-Speciesist Women

solidarity-statement-antispeciesistwomenAs Anti-Speciesist Womxn we stand in solidarity with Natasha and Sven. We are in full support of them and other criminalised activists. We stand firmly against the global prison industrial complex and we condemn the limitations on the emotional and physical freedom HLS/Envigo, the police and the states involved have imposed upon them. The criminalisation of people who work towards the end of torture on animals is a travesty of justice.

We are grateful for all you do, Natasha and Sven. We really hope you know that everything you do is worthwhile. We wish you nothing but patience, happiness and a lot of strength. Our thoughts are with you every day. We are spreading the word about your case, and of course, about the victims you (and we all) are fighting for. We do so continuously in our everyday conversations, at meetings, protests and online and we will never cease to continue. Until all are free.

To be a victim of political repression is emotionally, physically and financially draining. More often than not it is either purposefully, or as a side-effect, very isolating even when not imprisoned. None of us can imagine the suffering victims of vivisection go through but, as humans, we can begin to envision the effects police/state violence have upon our comrades. We must never forget to stand in solidarity with each other.